Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in a slideshow

This year, we had a quiet Christmas, with "only" 16 people. Most of Chris's siblings went to their in-laws, so we were a much smaller group. Because there were only 6 grandkids (of the 19), it seemed like a small group and was quite cozy and nice.

I love living in Sweden and celebrating Christmas because we get double the fun as we get to celebrate it Swedish style on the 24th, and then again American style when we wake up on the 25th. Santa came and delivered presents on the 24th and the kids just loved every minute of it! Each time he'd give out a present, they'd run up and give him a hug.

After a nice relaxing evening, we came home, layed out cookies and a carrot (for Rudolf), and hurried to bed so Santa could come again. The kids were so excited the next day when they had even more presents! :)

I think the best part about Christmas was teaching the kids the importance of GIVING and not only RECEIVING. We tried to focus on that and it was fun to see the kids get excited about it.

Anyway, hope all had a great Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I've been in Sweden for 7 years, and I don't remember a Christmas that we had snow on Christmas Day. I know we still have 3 more days to go, but they say it's supposed to stay and maybe even come some more!!! The kids are sooooooo excited! We have the perfect sledding hill just outside our apt, and it's been fun and easy to go out and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Slideshow

Samuel Turns 5!!!!

(2004 - newborn)

(2005 - 1 year)

(2006 - 2 years)

(2007 - 3 years)

(2008 - 4 years)

(2009 - 5 years)

Last Tuesday our little Samuel turned the big 0-5! Suddenly this week he can do so many more things by himself than he could last week. I can not believe that 5 years has already passed since this guy was born! We had a big birthday bash last Saturday complete with 13 little kids, balloons, and a spider man birthday cake! Samuel loved every minute of it and what quite the little host! We love our Samuel!


Gingerbread houses, Lucia and Christmas tree

Here's a short slide-show of what's been going on this month. It's been crazy busy! Two weeks ago, we decorated gingerbread houses for FHE. Girls did one and the boys did one. (Emmy slept). I think Samuel and Sofia had more fun eating the candy than making the actual houses. It was a lot of fun!

Then, last Sunday was Lucia day. Tradition has it that Lucia brought light to a darkened country centuries ago, so every year on the 13th, children dress up in Lucia-dresses and Santa clothes and carry candles, singing songs, bringing lightness and joy to Sweden. The kids had a little program each at their preschools on Friday and yesterday we went to farfar and farmors to sing to them. I love this tradition!

Tonight for FHE we finally put up our tree and decorated it with Frosty and Jingle Bell blaring in the background! The kids thought it was so exciting and it makes our little apt look so nice and cozy. My mom told me about a tradition that a family she knew did last year that I wanted to try. Samuel and Sofia both got to choose 6 books each which we wrapped and put under the tree. We put numbers on each book, and everynight they'll get to open one book and we'll read it under the tree together (12 day countdown to Christmas). fun!

Count down...

This is our count-down chain. First to Samuel's birthday (Dec 8) then Christmas, then Sofia's birthday (Jan 3). December is a pretty exciting month. Lot's happening!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving and Frankfurt

My oh my time sure flies! Wow, it's been a busy little while. Lots of things have been happening here at the Malm residence. First off, we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with a bunch of American friends at a church about an hour away. I think the best thing about getting together for American holidays is letting my children taste a bit of what I grew up with. It's of course nice for me to get a little nostalgic too, but mostly, I love exposing my kids to their American roots.

A couple days later, I got to spend two days in Frankfurt, Germany for a European CES Secretarial Training Meeting. I was obviously a bit worried how we'd solve it with Emmy (I'm still nursing) but everything worked out great! I hadn't been to Frankfurt since we lived there 12 1/2 years ago! So, it was extra special for me to be able to go back and see our chapel. Everything seemed surprisingly familiar and it was fun explaining to the other secretaries there that it was there in Frankfurt where I met my Swedish husband :) It was also GREAT being childless for 48 hours!