Monday, May 23, 2011


Close to 60,000 signed up with high expectations. A mere 45,000 actually ran. Still one of the world's largest half-marathons! I crossed the finish line disappointedly two minutes over my goal. (Chris ironically finished 2 minutes quicker than planned with 1.28) :) Every time I run this race, I think it's the last time I'll do it. It's a tough race. Lots of ups and downs. The main thing that keeps me going is the crowd. This year, I might be serious. I might just stick with 10km races. Those are fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make-up Fun

So, I have a make-up artist friend. She got a group together. Divided us into 4 teams. Had pictures and let us loose. Now, for someone who only wears make-up on Sundays (and even then, it's only eye-shadow and mascara), I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated by the smörgåsbörd of color and options on the table. However, i found myself slowly getting into it and having a lot of fun!

Our picture we had to recreate...

Final results...

(I had one with my eyes open, but it's too big and won't let me upload...:( )

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter and BBQ's

I am in the YW presidency in our Stake and girls camp is just around the corner, so last Saturday we ladies in the presidency decided to have a little BBQ with our families at the place we'll be camping to scout it out and get some inspiration. It was great! I was reminded again how healthy being out in nature is. The kids LOVED being outdoors andit made Chris and I excited to take our kids camping this year!

For the first couple hours, Emmy refused to look up at anyone. She sat there either cuddled with mom, dad or staring at the ground with her "mad face" on. Finally, she warmed up and was the life of the party.

Someone brought fishing poles and the kids had a fun time "fishing" in the near-by swamp. They actually caught a little water lizard!

I forgot we had a couple more Easter pictures I never posted. After church on Easter Sunday the Easter Bunny had left some eggs in our backyard and the kids had a fun time finding all of them!
What kind of big sister would Sofia be if she didn't help shove huge chunks of chocolate in little Emmy's mouth?!

These dresses and Samuel's shirt was sent by grandma (of course!). The girl's LOVED the dresses and Samuel thought he looked pretty handsome in his new Easter shirt. These picture frames were also sent by grandma and grandpa last year for Easter. They've started a little tradition that each year they'll send a new little Jesus picture to put in the frame to remind the kids how special Easter is and how much Jesus loves them. (Emmy refused to hold her picture...she was too busy holding her purse and couldn't possibly hold both...).

I just had to add these two pictures as well. well. This is Emmy's bed-head. I love it! We'll be using these pictures for her wedding or some sort of blackmail someday. :) It just describes her to a tee.