Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Renovating in all it's glory

We have now started the process of renovations! Besides the small things all over inside the house (ie sandpapering floors, painting walls, windows, etc...) we have 3 major projects we want to do on this house. The entrance way, the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen. Last Saturday the digging began for the entrance way. As it is now it's too crowded when you first come in, so we want to knock down the front door/wall and extend the house out a couple meters to make a small entrance hall. A lot of the other houses in the area have it and it really makes a big difference. We hope to be done soon, so it doesn't get too chilly! Wish us luck. We'll keep you updated!
How it looks today from the inside. A bit tight with 3 kids and winter shoes and coats and hats and gloves coming!

You have to dig down a couple cm to be able to lay the foundation. This is the kids helping.

After about a half hour, the kids came in cold, and tired. Chris is still working...

Isn't the best picture, but you can see somewhat how we want it (from the outside anyway). You see blue house has an entrance hall extended out from the house.

Monday, October 4, 2010

And we're back!

Let's just say life has been pretty go-go-go since we've been back. Which, I think has been a blessings. With so much to do, I haven't had much time to think about missing "home". (But, every now and again, that feeling of homesickness creeps back and I enjoy thinking of all the great memories we had this summer).

As I sat here doing some work on the computer, I realized how unusually quiet it was for a Monday afternoon. Something must be wrong. So, I got up to check on the kids and there sat Samuel with his legos, Emmy was in the kitchen playing with the dishes and Sofia was downstairs with her barbies. At that moment there was peace. But, it made me realize that this is kind of how my life seems sometimes. Three different kids, three different directions, with a million and one things on her to-do-list. It feels like I'm being tugged and pulled sometimes. But, the secret is to find those moments of peace. Life is good.

I also just wanted to say that I LOVE our little townhouse! It is so great. It's not a "dream house" but we just love it. There are projects and renovating that we're working on every night. I feel like Mary and George in It's a Wonderful Life. It's great!

Anyway, more will come. Life as a mother is a busy one.