Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sofia: Mom, look a snail in the middle of the sidewalk!

Me: Hmm…

Sofia: Do you think I should pick it up and kiss it?

Me: If you want to, but it looks kind of dirty to me.

Sofia: Oh, but I already did kiss it. Should I put him back?

Me: Ya, but maybe you should put it back in the grass so no one will step on it.

Sofia: Mom, I put him on his back, so he couldn’t move.

Me: Why did you do that?

Sofia: Because he’s a snail, and snails move very slowly and I put him in the grass and if I would’ve put him the right way, he would’ve crawled out back on the road and then if someone came they would step on him because he wouldn’t be able to move so quickly!


We had watched a short clip out of a movie where the parents of a one year old baby get in a car accident and leave their child in care of close friends. Samuel was a bit troubled by it.

Samuel: But, think mom, if you and dad died…who would take care of us?

Me: Good question. I think Grandma and Grandpa would be good at taking care of you guys.

Samuel: But, they live in America.

Me: Ya, that’s right. Maybe you guys would have to move to America.

Sofia: (all excited!) Ya, and if you and dad died and we had to move to America to live with Grandma and Grandpa, could we watch a movie on the plane?


Me: Sofia, do you hear those church bells?

Sofia: Ya. Is that our church?

Me: No, that’s the church over there. It’s Ida’s church.

Sofia: So, does Ida go to church ever?

Me: Sometimes.

Sofia: Why not all the time?

Me: Her mommy and daddy just decided that.

Sofia: But it’s good to go to church a lot.

Me: I think so too. Maybe someday you could invite Ida to come with us.

Sofia: No, I don’t think she’d like that. She doesn’t know any of the songs or the people and I don’t think she’d have fun.

Me: But, don’t you have fun at church.

Sofia: No.

Me: Oh, okay.

After a couple minutes of silence Sofia: How did we start talking about this anyway?

Me: About what?

Sofia: About this with churches?!


The kids told these stories two years ago. I had written them down, and found them only again today as I was going through old files on the computer. Hilarious! Dripping with personality!

-Samuel Malm-

Once upon a time there were 4 turtles…Leonardo ,Rafael, Donotelo, and Michaelangelo. There were no more turtles. Master Splinter came and there were tons of super heroes. The Ninja Turtles said, ”who are you?” Then they were walking and walking and finally they saw a big balloon and they made a hole and fell in the balloon and couldn’t get out. But then the 4 Ninja Turtles finally climbed out.

Then a dinosaur came when they were walking home. It was a t-rex, so they got all their weapons and killed him. But, all of a sudden there were many t-rex’s and they pushed a rock on top of the turtles and the 4 ninja turtles got their heads hurt. And Michaelangelo said, ”ouch dude, that hurt. I want a pizza. That rock looks like a pizza.” So, he went home and made pizza out of the rock. So, he ate it, but here was poison in the rock, so poison came in him, but he didn’t even die!

Then a stegosaurus dinosaur came and Michalangelo screamed and ran away because he was scared. Then the t-rex came and he ran as fast as he could, but the trex was faster and opened his mouth and almost tasted him, but michealangelo took some rope and tied up his mouth. But, the trex was so strong he broke through it. So, michaelngelo ran fast. Then Donotelo came and Rafael said he would take the mouth and Micahelagelo would tie up his legs up. So they did and they won.

The End.


-Sofia Malm-

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Wilma because that’s a girl. Then a dinosaur came but it didn’t get the princess because she was at home and the door was locked. So, the dinosaur didn’t ate the princess. And that’s the end.

(notice there was a dinosaur in sofia's story as well. It's just that Princess Wilma was so smart (her being a girl and all) that she simply went into her house and locked the door. End of story! Hilarious!)