Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nine-month shots :)




Friday, January 8, 2010

do you think they fit?

When we brought out Sofia's old shoes to see if they fit Emmy yet, Sofia quickly grabbed them and was sure they still fit her. Even after trying them on, she wasn't convinced they were too small. Then we showed her this picture and she finally decided she had grown out of them and that it was okay if Emmy borrowed them (after all she is 3 whole fingers now, you know. :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Birthday Slideshow

Sofia turns 3!!!

(2007 - new born)

(2008 - 1 year)

(2009 - 2 years)

(2010 - 3 years)

When your child has a birthday, you usually think, "wow, I can't believe so-and-so is getting so big!" (at least that's how I am with Samuel). But, with Sofia, it's just the opposite, I can't believe she just BARELY turned 3 last Sunday! She has always seemed so much older and has been talking and running around forever it seems. (I'm sure having an older brother has a lot to do with it). But, now our little Sofia is officially 3 whole fingers (which she is very proud of). We had a little birthday party today with just girls (besides two brothers that got to follow along with their sisters and Samuel of course) and it was so fun to see the difference between how a group of little girls play compared to how a group of little boys play. Everyone had fun today and by 7:20pm all 3 kids were out! :) We love our Sofia and are soooo happy she's in our family.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ice Skating

Last week, we went out to a lake that's close to here to find it frozen solid all the way across. So, the next day, we got on our skates, brought hotdogs and hot chocolate and spent half the day there. Besides it being -10C (14F), we all had a great time! Unfortunately, I couldn't skate because A. I didn't have any skates that fit and B. Emmy slept most of the time snug in her stroller and I had to stay close to her. But, Sofia and Samuel got to go out with daddy and try their skates and loved it. Sweden really has been beautiful this winter with the snow. Cold (freezing cold), but beautiful!