Saturday, April 23, 2011

again random!

So, again, time seems to move too quickly these days! Here is a quick update on our lives through pictures. Last week, I was in Frankfurt for a training meeting. I'm working 8 hrs/wk as a secretary for the CES coordinator and once a year all the secretaries in Europe have a training meeting! I look forward to this trip once a year. Hence, a couple German houses and the German Temple. Also, in connection to this trip, I was able to meet up with Chris in Berlin as our good friend was getting married. The family stepped in at the last minute to help with the kids and we were able to spend a wonderful couple days together down there. The other pictures are simply of different things we've been doing. Including Easter. The weather this week has been amazing! I think it even reached 70F today!!! We are basking in this sunlight and trying to soak up as much as we can, because we never know how long it'll last!

Anyway, hope everyone had a good Easter!

Emmy turns 2


one year old

two years old

Wow, time flies!!! We celebrated Emmy's second birthday nearly 2 weeks ago. She turned two on the 12th of this month! Our little Emmy is getting big!! I've never had a two year old without being pregnant and I have to say, this age is A LOT more fun when I'm not dealing with morning sickness! Emmy is a complete mixture of her two older siblings. Somewhat easy-going, she's still got her will. She's easily comforted and loves cuddles. She's quick to laugh and is quite social! :) It's so fun for me to watch my children grow and get to know their little personalities. Two, Four and Six are perfect ages and I wish I could freeze time and keep my children at this age forever!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Chris has been away in France for the past 10 days on business. His company has had a huge conference with all the top-dawgs from around the world. Because Chris works at "headquarters", he got to be on the project team organizing the entire deal. Today was the last day, and he called quite relieved the thing is over and everything went so well. As a thank you, everyone on the project team is being rewarded with an ipad2! How sweet is that?! Chris is in pure heaven and after having an afternoon off to spend at the beach in the sun, he is ready and willing to move to any sunny, ocean-side city in the world! We are both sun-lovers. He just has to say the word, and I'll start packing! (How we've survived 8 years in Gothenburg, Sweden is beyond me :)

So, while he's been off in the French Riviera, we've been keeping busy at home. Last Saturday we had our YW yearly leadership meeting. I'm in the Stake YW, so have been busy with organizing and preparing. I found babysitters for all kids and it went great!

On Monday, my friend Jenny came over and turned our basement into an Egyptian tomb. She's studying social work and is taking a class where she had to create an exhibit of some kind for children. Since she's not married and doesn't have kids, I gladly volunteered mine. The kids became archeologists as they explored the tomb and then later got to even go outside in the sad-pit and dig for dinosaur bones! It was great!

Samuel has created a soccer book for Chris when he gets home. This is just the first page. A couple weeks ago, Samuel decided that he loves soccer and that when he grows up he's going to play professional soccer. (when he found out that the "guys on tv who are playing soccer" actually do it for their job and get paid for it, there was no convincing him otherwise). He promised to practice every day Chris was gone because he wanted to surprise daddy at how good he's gotten while he was away. He's held true to his promise, and everyday after school, he's put on his soccer clothes and we've got out to the park.

Today Samuel had a birthday party to go to, so the girls all got to go to the local swimming hall. All 3 of my kids LOVE the water. I found myself really having fun with Sofia and Emmy today as they fearlessly went down the slides, jumped off the edge and dove in the water (both with and without their puffs! Which of course Sofia was quite proud of). They're literally like fish in water.

The yearly half-marathon is quickly creeping up on us. A mere 7 weeks away and I am training religiously for it. This year, I am more determined than ever to get under 2 hours (as some may recall, last year I got 2 hours 16 seconds!). This week I've ran 35 km (almost 22miles) and I'm feeling pretty good.

In other news, for the past year or so, I have been trying different bread recipes trying to find one that is easy, healthy, and yummy.
This is by far the most delicious bread I have ever made! It's rye and whole wheat and it's delicious. (I found it at my friend's blog-but obviously it's all in Swedish--maybe you can google translate?)

Anyway, I'm sure Chris will have some pictures to post when he gets home. We are all ready to have a daddy and husband again!