Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is how it went down....

(note: Sofia says, "Vem's walking on my bridge?!" Vem=Who in Swedish. Sofia's fluent in Swenglish)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our crazy ninja family!!!

A day at the lake..

...the frozen lake! It was a gorgeous day today, so we decided to head out and spend the day on the local frozen lake. We headed out equipped with sandwiches, apples, muffins and hot herbal tea! The kids loved every minute of it and although it was still freezing (literally), it didn't seem too cold since there was no wind and the sun was hitting us directly the whole time.

Emmy loved riding the Snow Racer and everyone loved being able to hold her on it :)

Cousin Christoffer (10yrs) pulled the kids running all over the ice.

Cousin Alexander teaching Sofia how to cross-country ski.

Playing with the cousins.

Samuel's turn to try.

The whole gang (almost)

Amazing blue sky.

At the end of the day, the men had to prove their manlihood...their sons quickly wanted to follow suit! (remember it was 32F out there!) It didn't last long.

Hairdos and Sleeping

Cool dude!

This girl's got attitude!

It's always a surprise when we go in to see how our kids have ended up falling asleep.


Emmy loves standing. She's starting to walk holding onto furniture!

Our budding photographer.

We have had a crazy-snow winter this year! It's been awesome! But, now we're ready for spring!

Where's the coin?

One of our favorite games it trying to guess what hand the coin is in. The kids LOVE it!