Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby nr. 3 :)

Boy or Girl?


Yes, it's true, we are expecting our third child and are absolutely thrilled!!! I've gone 14 weeks now...which puts the due date somewhere in the beginning of April. I thought I'd just make it official and announce it to all you out in cyberspace :). I haven't been feeling so hot, but hopefully I'm nearing the end of the morning sickness part (whoever named it "morning sickness" was totally off! It's pretty much an all-day-sickness). But, we are excited. When i first told Samuel, he asked directly if he could see it. A bit disappointed, he found out he had to wait for mommy's tummy got big and fat to be able to see it. Samuel's rooting for a boy. Honestly with one of each, it'd be fun either way! Most Swedes don't find out the sex at all and because it's our third and we do have one each, we're contemplating that surprise approach.  It's not very common at all, and in fact if you do want to find out the sex, you have to pay (all other medical costs are free) and you have to wait until week 27! But, we'll see. Anyway, now it's official!!! :) 


General Conference

General Conference weekend was excellent this year!  We get all sessions broadcast over here except for Sunday Afternoon. Our Saturday night, they broadcast the Saturday Morning session live via satellite at our church. It was from 6-8pm. Chris and I both knew the kids wouldn't make it two hours of sitting so late in the evening, so Chris went to the church and I decided to set up a little "prophet movie" (as Samuel called it) for us at home! Thank goodness for BYU-broadcasting!!! We hooked up our computer to the tv, got a little Satruday-candy (the kids can only eat candy on Saturday...hence the name), crayons and paper, blankets and pillows and were ready to go! Samuel lasted a surprisingly 45 min. However, as soon as Sofia's candy was gone, she was up and down and everywhere. Made it difficult to consentrate. By 6:50, we called it quits, brushed teeth, and I put the kids down. By 7:00, I could enjoy the last hour in peace and quiet in the comfort of my own home. It brought back memories of growing up and staying home and watching it on tv and all the little things mom had for us to keep us busy. :) It was sweet. 

Grandma and Grandpa's visit!!!

Grandma and Grandpa left last Friday after a 2 week visit. We were so sad to say good-bye and hope to be able to see them again soon. We had a great time while they were here. The kids loved having them around and it was so good for me to have 4 extra hands to help around the house and with the kids.  My dad's been out once before right after Samuel was born and mom was here with Samuel was born as well as after Sofia was born. But both times have been in the dead of winter right after births. We didn't get out much, and they've been left with this dark, cold, gray image of Sweden ever since. But, this time was different! The weather was perfect for us...a lot of sunny days and beautiful fall colors everywhere. We got out quite a bit and they were able to see Sweden in it's true beauty. It was so nice being able to share a bit of our life with them and it meant a lot for us that they took the time and money to come visit us! Here are some highlights of their trip.  Enjoy!