Friday, March 18, 2011

happy st. patty's day

So, yesterday as we were driving in to pick up Chris from work, it dawned on me, today is March 17th, St. Patrick's Day! My mom had sent us a great St. Patty's Day grandma package filled with green shirts, green pencils, green princess crowns and green notepads. The kids were (as always) excited to get it and we made a big deal of, when the day comes, to celebrate. (As the years go on, I find it more and more important to celebrate American traditions and holidays, big or small). But, we got the package a week early and by the time yesterday came, we had all completely forgotten about it.

So, as we were sitting in the parking lot waiting for Chris to come down, I made a decision. I suddenly said, "guess what we forgot, guys?!" All excited, they wondered what. I quickly said, "We forgot that it was St. Patrick's Day...tomorrow!!!" Sure, some may say it was a lie, but in my mind, it's just another perk of living over seas. You get to pick and choose when and what you celebrate. So, today we woke up and had green pancakes for breakfast and everyone put on their grandma-shirts (we even convinced Emmy she could wear a skirt with it instead of a dress).

Anyway, although this day has never really been a big day for me personally (besides elementary and jr. high years where you actually did pinch those not wearing green), just wanted to wish all you Americans out there a Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Just when you dared to hope that Spring was finally here after 5Add Video long months of winter, you wake up to this:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Playing dress-ups

One of the kids' favorite past-time activities is dress-ups! They LOVE it! Sofia particularly as a princess and Samuel particularly as some fighting-dude. Here are some pictures from a couple days ago.