Thursday, November 25, 2010


How cold is it where you are? Here we've been averaging 20-25F for like the past week. It's freezing and it's started early this year. Which is perfect cause it makes it that much easier to get into the Christmas spirit of things when it's white all around! Hopefully because it started early, it'll end early (wishful thinking...). Here are some pictures on our way to school the other day.

I feel like such a viking trudging up this hill twice every day with two kids and a stroller. The kids are awesome to walk so much, especially when it's cold and windy.

Sofia outside Samuel's school just after we dropped him off.

Emmy wanting to walk instead of sit in the stroller.

Right outside our house (the yellow one in the background with the new entrance (no, we're not done yet, but we're getting there!)

Monday, November 22, 2010


Again, one great thing about living overseas is that you can pick and choose when to celebrate American holidays. Kind of what ever's convenient for you, you know?! So, this year, our Thanksgiving celebrations have already come and gone. We gathered yesterday at our American friends place with two American/Swedish families and had a GREAT T-Day Feast! So now, for us, at least, we have given our respects to the bird, and can put our focus and energy into CHRISTMAS, which is just around the corner!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

18 months

A couple weeks ago, Emmy hit the 18 month mark. (Finally made it to nursery!!!) I know it's always like this, but I can't believe how fast these kids are growing!

Samuel - the pleaser

Sofia - the pixie

Emmy - the personality

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Swedes, like most Europeans, are a little unsure how/when to celebrate when it comes to true, American holidays, like Halloween. Not that this particular holiday is anything to be proud of, but it seems every year it gets bigger and bigger over here. Most people think Halloween is a floating holiday like Thanksgiving and isn't on the same day every year. I think mostly because there's a similar holiday called "The Day of the Saints" which is not always on the same day, but is always within a week or so of Halloween, so Swedes tend to get these two holidays mixed up, and it results in about a week long trick-or-treating episode. You never know when you could get a knock on the door. That combined with only every fourth house or so actually having candy to give to the kids, always makes trick-or-treating exciting.

So, this year we decided to do a trunk-or-treat at the church. SO MUCH FUN! Granted there were only 6 families that showed up (4 of which being Chris's siblings), but it was great and I really think it could be the beginning of a great tradition! The kids loved dressing up, and running from car to car and the parents had fun being a part of it knowing everyone was prepared instead of having to follow your child timidly to your neighbors house and hope they had something to give :)

But, we're lucky because we get double-whammy over here. Friday we're heading over to some American friends where they have a huge Halloween party every year. They've prepared the neighbors and sent out flyers weeks in advance warning people that anyone who wants a knock at the door should put out a little candle or pumpkin so the kids know where to go. Smart! I remember so clearly last year, walking up and down the streets (freezing our tails off!) with my kids in hand going from door to door (nearly every other house was in on it!) and I felt such a nostalgic feeling come over me. When I do real American things over here, it's hard for the tears not to come and I feel grateful I can give my kids a small taste of my childhood.

We'll post pictures after Friday's festivities. :)

Happy 30th!!!

Last Sunday (yes, on Halloween Day) Per Gustav Christoffer Malm celebrated 30 years of life on this earth as we know it!!! We got to celebrate two nights! One with friends and one with family (not to say that family isn't friends...there were just too many of both). Although Chris isn't a huge fan of being center of attention, he did great and everyone had a great time! We love you Chris!