Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The wait is finally over. Our little daughter finally made her grand entrance into this world Easter Sunday April 12, 2009. Weighing in at 3970 g (8.7 lbs) and 53 cm (20.8 inch). YEA!!! Everything happened rather quickly. We got to the hospital at 13.15 and by 15.30 she was out :). It still all seems so surreal since the other two took considerably longer. But, i am NOT complaining. Everything went beautifully (as beautifully as giving birth can be) and after two nights at the hospital we arrived home yesterday. We are both doing excellent. This third child is definitely going to be a challenge. Not the baby itself, but her older siblings. Samuel and Sofia are both excited, but are already showing signs of jealousy. Sofia decided to wake up last night at 3:00 am and scream for 2 hours because she wanted to come sleep with us. Unfortunately, the baby was in our bed. It'll be interesting to say the least, but we are so excited to have her and think she is beautiful!!!
ps. we don't have a name yet...suggestions, please...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hot Dogs and Candy

The sun has continued to shine and the feeling of Spring is most definitely in the air. I am lovin' it! We got to celebrate Easter yesterday with all our cousins over at farmor and farfar's. We had a delicious dinner outside of salmon and potato salad (plus a couple hot dogs for the kids). Sofia and Samuel love getting together with the cousins and yesterday was even more special because they got to eat candy. We've said, birthdays, Easter and Christmas then they can have "real candy". I thought they were both going to puke after how much they ate yesterday, but they LOVED every minute of finding their eggs and devouring as much as they could. Sofia especially enjoyed it since this is the first time in her life she's tasted the "real stuff". So, it was a momentous day yesterday in her little 2 year old life :). Anyway, just wanted to wish you all a happy Easter!!!

(ps. still no baby...)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our week at a glance

A couple pictures from our week...

Samuel and Conference

Today we enjoyed watching General Conference at church. Samuel's getting old enough that he's starting to listen to what's being said and picking up small things here and there. We told him to try to listen very hard and each time they said the word Jesus to raise his hand...he did quite well for a little while. Then, he got bored and started playing with his toys, reading his books, and doing whatever else he could in the confinements of a church bench. I didn't think he was listening anymore, but every now and again, he'd look up to me and whisper small words or phrases that he'd heard or ask questions. A couple that came up: Someone said something about the "Dark Ages"....Samuel questioning looked up to me and said, "what? Darth Vader?". Then when someone used the word "persuade", he said, "what? Bruce Wayne?". Finally, when a speaker by the name of Rafael was announced, he again looked up and said, "what? Rafael, like the turtles?!". I think it's quite clear what is going on in his mind as a 4 year old...bless his little heart :)

Sunny Days!

Lately, the weather's been amazing here. Especially for Sweden! Although it's still in the low 50's, it's been sunny for nearly 2 straight weeks! The kids and I have taken advantage of the sun and have tried to be outside as much as possible. The kids are just as anxious as I am to shed our winter coats and enjoy spring and summer in all it's glory! Samuel's been wearing his sweatshirts outside (with his hat and gloves and long-sleeve shirt underneath) and loving it! Yesterday when the temperature reached 52, he insisted that he needed to have shorts on because it wasn't cold outside. He got to wear his shorts, on one condition: that he wore his pants over them, and with that, he thought he'd won! :)

Yesterday we went to a little lake that's close to us (one of the many) and enjoyed a beautiful spring afternoon with some friends and hot dogs. The kids loved it and it was so rejuvenating to be in the sun for so long after such a long, dark winter. Samuel even decided it was warm enough to go swimming (it was just barely 50 degrees). We let him strip down to his shorts (that were under his pants) and get in. Although it was freezing, he managed to stay in for a couple minutes and wade out till the water came to his knees. :) Then, it got too cold. Sofia also insisted in getting in (of course since Samuel was doing it), but was only to dip her toes in before running out again.

Oh, how we love the sun!!!

(FYI: no baby yet...but we've talked about how the baby will be coming in Spring, and since spring is here, the kids are expecting the baby any minute...but not too soon, cause as soon as the baby comes, Grandma's supposed to be coming, and she still has two weeks until she flies out...time and's a hard thing).