Saturday, May 1, 2010


Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, 1/2 Marathon, USA....HOUSE!

That is what our May looks like: Next week I'll be heading to Germany for 3 days for a CES Secretary Training Meeting. Week after that Uncle Dave comes to Sweden!!! Week after he comes, Chris is off to Switzerland. The day he gets back is the 1/2 Marathon, and then 3 days later we're outa' here for the entire summer!

Consequently a week after we fly to the States, we get to move into our new home! Yep, you read right, we are the proud new owners of our very own town-house! Luckily, Chris isn't coming with us quite so soon and will be able to move everything, start a couple projects, paint and maybe do the bathroom before he heads out mid-July. We are so excited!!! It's a bit of a renovating project, but this house has got potential and Chris is doing everything he can to contain himself before he's let loose on it June 1st. Over the years, we have watched Chris's siblings one by one buy houses and it's finally our turn and we're thrilled! (Of course this done mean, we'll probably be here in Sweden for another 5 or so years, which is both sad and happy. Chris's company however has a lot of international opportunities, and I think/hope there will come an opportunity for us to live in the States some time).

We'll try to post some before and after pictures once we start going.