Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...


This is daddy having fun with his new camera and photoshop...Samuel LOVED this picture and couldn't believe it was him! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sofia and Samuel-isms

While getting ready for church one Sunday, Samuel said, "wow, Sofia, what a pretty dress you have!" Sofia was mad about something and angrily replied, "NO, Fia's not have pretty dress!!!". Without skipping a beat, Samuel came back with, in the same sweet innocent tone, "wow, Sofia what a not-pretty dress you have!" (all said in Swedish)

Sofia: "Mommy, Fia's bum went gas..."

Samuel saw a missionary picture of Chris and asked if it was daddy in the picture. I explained that when daddy was younger he was a missionary. Samuel proudly said, "ya, and when I get younger, I'm going to be a missionary too, huh mom?" 

Sofia noticed a piece of my hair in the bathtub after I had taken a shower. She leaned over the bathtub to pick it up and said, "oh no, mommy, Fia's hair falling out!" 

Samuel was showing off his muscles one day and I commented on how strong he was. But, then he looked at his stomach and said, "ya, but I don't have those little balls on my tummy like daddy". (Talk about ego-booster for Chris!) :) 

Sofia had put her little baby doll in the stroller one day as we were heading out to pick up Samuel from school. I asked her if she wanted to lay next to the baby in the stroller and she said, "Fia's not baby. Fia's growing up!" 

It's amazing sometimes what can come out a two year old and to see how the mind of a four year old works! They're so cute!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Pictures

Before church on Sunday, we tried to have a little photo-shoot. Grandma's been wanting an updated picture of the kids for awhile now, however, it's quite the process, as anyone knows who has kids, to get a good, solid picture where both kids look "normal", are smiling and are sitting properly. This is a couple of the pictures we ended up with on Sunday. They weren't that bad, but not that great either. And afterwards we realized that maybe we should've left Sofia's hair down, because she has such long beautiful hair. But, there'll more opportunities, and one of these days we'll get a good picture off to Grandma that she can put up on her wall :) (However, if we wait a mere 49 days, we'll have to do this all over again with baby number 3 comes :)). 

Happy Valentine's Day

Last Saturday Chris's sister Fredricka offered to have 7 nieces and nephews at her place for a pancake party  (swedish pancakes) while the mommies and daddies got a two hour escape for Valentine's Day. It was so nice and peaceful to have some alone time with each other in the middle of day...when it's still light outside! Chris and I went out to the ocean and took some pictures. It was freezing, so we didn't stay there the whole time, but it was so peaceful and beautiful. I am in love with the mountains and miss them so much, but for now, the ocean is a pretty good substitute :)! 

Swedish beaches :)

Looking pretty pregnant :)

Gotta love that smile! 

That evening Chris surprised me with a home-cooked, very impressive, candlelight dinner after the kids had gone to bed. He told me get "dressed up", closed the kitchen doors and wouldn't let me peak until he announced dinner was ready. :) It was really great! I really have a great husband :).